Education – Agriculture – Industry

Education – Agriculture – Industry

Education – Agriculture – Industry is an ongoing series inspired by the words which border the Yolo County seal. One goal of this series is to encourage viewers to look at Yolo County in a different way. I want viewers to realize that there is more to this county than agriculture, such as education and industry.

As I was searching the county for these subjects, I encountered many other types of subjects that were interesting, which will be included in this series to give a more complete impression of Yolo County. These are subjects that I feel have significance to the people who live in the area, such as recreation facilities, arts institutions, small businesses, and places of natural beauty.

I want viewers to realize that Yolo County’s scope includes more than larger cities like Woodland and Davis, but also includes Winters and West Sacramento, as well as smaller towns like Esparto, Madison, Guinda, Knight’s Landing, Clarksburg, and everything in between.

I employ similar methodology as in my Manual Panoramas to construct these panoramas.

My method offers a different way of looking at the individual subjects. The panoramas allow a scene to be understood in many ways simultaneously. Viewers can understand the scene in several lighting situations and can also focus on different parts of the scene independently of other parts.

Port of West Sacramento and Russell Field, UC Davis are on display at the Barn Gallery in Woodland, California. A framed version is also available. Prints can be purchased in the store.


Port of West Sacramento


Russell Field, UC Davis


Knight’s Landing Boat Ramp

2019. Digital Panorama, Dimensions variable.