2016. Oil on Canvas, 36” x 48” x 7/8”.

This is my first major painting and first artwork in which I incorporate a map aesthetic to discuss the infrastructure of the modern world.

The arrangement of shape and line is based on my own design. With this structure, I discuss the layout of networks, and question the status quo of the numerous infrastructure and logistical systems present in our world. This work discusses issues of resource management in a world that is increasingly characterized by scarcity. The infrastructure of the past does not meet today’s requirements, resulting in some distinctive patterns that reveal this history of human expansion. Likewise, today’s infrastructure will probably not meet tomorrow’s needs, resulting in further adaptation to the pattern. Beyond the status of the system itself, I am interested in how human activity has influenced nature. Transformation through the development of infrastructure has contributed to the dissociation of the modern world from authentic nature. This painting illustrates this truth and shows that nature as we see it usually exists only in the ways we allow it.